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Industrial aluminum profile surface wastewater treatment technology

1. The source and type of the aluminum profile surface treatment waste water
Aluminum surface treatment of wastewater with pretreatment of oil removal and after acid washing water, alkali corrosion, alkaline washing water, acid corrosion after acid washing water, after the oxidation of acid washing water, containing Ni2 +, Sn2 + after coloring, acid washing water, electrophoresis paint of waste acid, waste alkali ion exchange device and a small amount of electrophoretic paint waste water. After mixed acidic wastewater, containing Al3 + and Ni2 +, Sn2 +, Sn4 +, Na +, Cr3, + cation, and SO42 -, F -, NO3 -, Cl -, AlO2 -, Ac - such as anionic, as well as surfactant and propylene acid resin and other organic matter. Waste liquid skim and produce waste sulfuric acid, nitric acid and waste liquid produced by oxidation of waste sulfuric acid, shaded, electrophoresis paint acrylic liquid waste, hole sealing of waste liquid containing Ni2 +, F -, etc.
2. Measures to reduce effluent and waste discharge
The method of reducing waste water and waste liquid has reasonable control of water control time and control loading Angle to reduce the amount of tank liquid, and try to use the secondary three level upstream to wash and reduce the water consumption. After the acid and defatted water wash water after alkaline corrosion, after oxidation water wash water is used for acid etching and defatting. And in order to reduce or avoid bath wastewater and waste emissions, production line should design and use of all kinds of recycling equipment, such as acid corrosion recycling equipment, alkali corrosion recycling equipment, anodized aluminum removal equipment, coloring liquid RO recycling equipment, electrophoresis paint RO recovery unit, the use of these recovery unit can be waste water consumption and waste emissions to maximize, and maximum limit reduces the cost of production.
3. Principle and method of treating wastewater treatment by aluminum profile surface
The waste water produced by the surface treatment of aluminum profile is mainly acid and alkali waste water. It contains Ni2 +, Sn2 +, F- and a few harmful anions. The treatment method is acid-base neutralization. The effluent is generally acidic, with alkali neutralization and PH value of 7 -- 8.5. In the neutralization process, the cationic Al3 +, Ni2 +, Sn2 +, Cr3+ and so on formed hydroxide precipitation. After neutralization and precipitation of waste water pump into the condensing tank, at the same time with quantitative pump into the dissolving polyamide floe agent and waste water condensation, condensation after waste water into the sedimentation tank, settling way of inclined plate precipitation, air flotation, centrifugal sedimentation method and so on, the author thinks that to be stable or centrifugal precipitation using after precipitation, clear liquid discharge from the upper part of the overflow mouth spills into the pool or reprocessing reservoir.
Can be up to standard after the treatment of wastewater discharge, if must carry on the wastewater reuse, the wastewater can be treated after coarse filter into the RO device, ion of Yin and Yang, organic matter, get rid of extra water PH value may be low, at this time can be adjusted through ion exchange, Yin and Yang to reuse standards. The sludge is discharged regularly into the sludge tank, which is then processed into industrial waste residue by plate presser or strip dewatering machine.

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