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The aluminum extruding industry should make industrial innovation in the development

In recent years, as global economic growth and the use of aluminum profiles have been expanding, the consumption of aluminum profiles in the world has been increasing. According to the data, at present, China's industrial aluminum extrusions total are about 30%, mainly used in transportation (including automobile manufacturing, rail transportation, equipment and machinery and equipment manufacturing, durable consumer goods industry (including light), respectively in the applications of aluminum in China accounted for about 10%, 10% and 12%.
Due to the changing market situation, more and more companies began to try to industrialization development path, such as the current domestic advanced aluminum production enterprises are also gradually improve by building investment, mergers and reorganization of chain, industry chain, in order to enhance its comprehensive competitive power. Taken together, this is a sign that the industry is maturing.
At the same time, the growth rate of energy-saving and emission-reducing aluminum products has been accelerating. In the future, the small aluminum profile processing plants with low technical level, poor quality and low grade will gradually be phased out, and the restructuring and integration of future industries will be a big trend.
With the rapid growth of China's aluminum extrusion industry, the sales revenue of aluminum industry will increase year by year. According to the statistics from the national bureau of statistics, the annual compound growth rate of sales revenue in China's aluminum industry was more than 25 percent (excluding statistical variation factors) from 2008 to 2016. Based on the current economic situation at home and abroad, combined with China aluminum industry sales data from 2008 to 2016 and China's economic growth data, by 2020, the Chinese aluminum industry sales will towards a new stage. According to the analysis, the future development of China's aluminum profile market is good, but the aluminum profile production enterprises can not be complacent, to do their own industrial innovation in the environment.


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