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Green building materials promote the transformation of aluminum profile industry

In recent years, a variety of environmental protection, energy saving, cost reduction and so on propaganda emerge in endlessly, the construction industry, in particular, the concept of "green building" is more and more attention, also drive the overall transformation of aluminum industry. Since the introduction of the green building evaluation standard in April 2006, China has become one of the few countries in the world to establish green building standards. From the recent aluminum market in China, it seems that the downstream construction industry has limited market support for the aluminum industry, while the green building, as a hot topic, has been more "low-key".
In contrast, the reasons, first of all, the environmental characteristics of the green building is not only reflected in the process of its building pollution and noise is less, also reflected in its high utilization rate of recycling and run on low carbon emissions in the process of the above. At the end of its construction life, almost all building materials can be recycled and reused, which is relatively strict to the requirements of aluminum profiles. Therefore, the production cost of building materials is higher. Secondly, although the concept of green building entered our country earlier, it didn't become a topic until 2000. 2006 "green building evaluation standard is framework document, until 2012, the ministry of finance and ministry of jointly issued" about to speed up the implementation opinion "to promote the development of China's green building construction subsidies make that clear. However, only the green buildings that meet the requirements of the relevant standards will be awarded, and the standard is: the two-star green building is 45 yuan/m2, and the three-star green building is 80 yuan/m2. From these two points, we can see the reasons for the implementation of the green building, and the market parties know it. For current home prices, this subsidy standard can only be drizzle. The high cost of green buildings is difficult to be accepted by the consumers, the developer's enthusiasm is not high also, so the production of the aluminum side is still limited to traditional aluminum, for green material r&d enthusiasm is not high.
On the market at present most of the aluminum companies think, constructing green buildings in addition to bring some benefits to the environment, the rest of the only makes construction costs have risen sharply, become a burning money, not too much significance to aluminum plant as well as the overall economic development. In this case, the presence of anything can be double-sided. On the one hand, the cost of materials for green buildings is higher, and on the other hand, the cost of user is low. If the building itself has a certain degree of control over temperature, users will use less electricity in winter and summer than traditional houses. For aluminum plants, the r&d and production costs of green building materials will increase, but the profit of traditional building materials will also increase.
As a whole, green buildings can not only maintain a harmonious relationship with the environment, but also bring about the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of new industries. According to China's new urbanization plan (2014-2020) released in 2014, the proportion of green buildings in urban areas rose from 2% in 2012 to 50% in 2020. The state has an urgent need to improve the proportion of green buildings in traditional buildings.
The birth of new things will always take some time to be accepted, especially now the prices of new products related to environmental protection are high. Such as environmental batteries, hybrid cars, etc. It is not enough for green buildings to be implemented and promoted in the later stage of development. In combination with the current situation of the aluminum industry in excess capacity and fierce competition, the transformation of aluminum enterprises has become a pressing issue for some leading enterprises or highly rated enterprises. This is an opportunity for some of the most powerful aluminium companies. Green building and green building materials research and development has a long way to go, want to get invincible position in the aluminum industry reshuffle, transformation and upgrading is the only way, in the same way, the aluminum industry to really accomplish industry transformation and the development of green building materials is also a big chance.
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